About us

Origen reflects our desire to understand the origins of failure and the belief that elegant, original engineering solutions are based on a sound understanding of the fundamentals.

Origen is a dynamic, service-orientated company based in Cape Town, South Africa.

We specialise in failure analysis, fatigue and fracture mechanics, dynamic and residual stress measurement, on site VSR component stabilisation, and associated engineering services.

Origen offers training courses in a number of these core fields (specifically in fracture mechanics, failure analysis and finite element analysis). Origen has also developed and supplies a number of specialised products to the engineering community.

Mission Statement

Origen is devoted to being an environmentally conscious, service orientated, flexible and dynamic company offering professional 'fitness for purpose' engineering services.



Identify and define problems with engineering bias, understand fundamentals applicable to these problems and provide solutions.

Core Values

Origen espouses EPIC IDEALS.

  • Ensure Excellence and Professionalism to provide client focused services and products
    (Being the best comes from supplying the best services and products, being focused and ensuring client value)
  • Enable inspired Innovation and Creative/lateral thinking
    (Innovative and lateral thinking inspires novel solutions)
  • Encourage Integrity and personal/professional Development in a positive/productive working environment
    (Growth/fulfillment of personal and professional ideals/needs in an environment where people like being)
  • Conduct business to highest Ethical standards and be Accountable for all actions
    (Ethical and accountable business practices are vital for long term sustainability)
  • Promote continuous Learning/improvement
    (Continually getting better)
  • Operate in a Socially responsible manner
    (We are part of our environment)


To be a leading consultancy and global provider of integrity orientated services and products.